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Seeking for sustainable development, Mingtai Al. Industrial Corp., Ltd is highly responsible for its clients and dedicates to R&D of new product and product quality control.

R&D Team with 313-members

The R&D center now has 313 technical professionals, 24 of whom are senior engineers and 73 engineers.

Advanced R&D Equipment

The company has a number of internationally advanced R&D facilities including: BRUKEROPTICS, Hitachi scanning mirror and EDS (Energy Disperse Spectroscopy), US Hotspot Spectrograph, Oil analyzer, mechanical properties detector, metallographic microscope, atomic absorption analyzer, chromatographic instrument, etc.

Achievements and Honors

Great achievements have been made in new products development and breakthroughs in technologies. The company was appraised as the “Technology Center of Henan Enterprises in Henan Technology Center of Henan Enterprises” and the “Engineering and Technological Research Center for Aluminum Plate Strips and Foils in Henan Technical Research Center of Henan Aluminum Strip and Foil Engineering”..

Corporations between Universities and Enterprises

On January 7th 2013, the company signed a cooperative agreement with the State Key Lab of Rolling & Automation (RAL) of Northeastern University, a state key lab in R&D of advanced material preparation and production, and with Wang Guodong, academician of CAE (the Chinese Academy of Engineering).

Through effective cooperation of universities, research institutions and enterprises, breakthroughs have been made in key technologies of aluminum and equipment for transportation. Studies have been focused on their industrialization solutions, which is a leap forward for Mingtai Al. in new materials development such as new aluminum material for transportation application.

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